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About Belzebuub and This Site

mark-at-2006-book-signingThis website shares some of Belzebuub’s writing in the form of quotes.

These quotes have been compiled from some of his published works. Belzebuub’s last book was published in 2010, after which he was no longer active in public life.


Belzebuub explored spirituality for nearly 30 years, and experienced poltergeist activity and other supernatural phenomena as a child.

He explored many different spiritual modalities, including briefly attending Transcendental Meditation in the early 1980s, and extensively studying the works of Krishnamurti, seeing him in person at Brockwood Park first in 1982 and then again in 1983. However, he said that what he found there was either too unsubstantial or unverifiable. He then came across a group offering workshops in Gnosticism. He says that the practices he learned there enabled him to gain experiences and to gain spiritual knowledge.

These practices included astral projection (for out-of-body experiences), meditation, awareness of the present moment, self-observation and others.

Belzebuub gave free courses through The Gnostic Movement prior to its closure in 2012. He authored the courses, which were practice-based, as it was through practice that he had been able to change inwardly and learn. The courses were originally given as weekly PDFs, however they began to be plagiarized, sometimes for other’s profit, which led to the courses being published as books for their protection.

The courses authored by Belzebuub were also given online and were the most successful of their kind available at the time. Over 90,000 people in over 100 countries took the courses over the years, both online and in person.

Belzebuub also participated in over 70 media interviews across various countries including the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia. These included discussions with a leading scientist on the topic of near-death experiences, and academics on the topic of the then recently discovered ancient Christian Gnostic text the Gospel of Judas.

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Belzebuub and The Gnostic Movement

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