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Insights From Belzebuub

Last updated: 28 September 2017

portrait_25Apr09_processBelzebuub is a contemporary spiritual author who imparts timeless keys of spiritual knowledge and transformation, explained in a clear and objective way for today’s spiritual seekers.

Below are some of our favorite quotes compiled together from his works. Have a read if you’re looking for some spiritual upliftment, and feel free to add any of your favorite quotes in the comments.

Belzebuub’s background

Having explored spirituality since childhood, Belzebuub stands on a wealth of experience that enables him to speak effectively on these matters. It is through personal experience that he bases all of his writing. This is opposed to simply reading and intellectually interpreting or theorizing on various aspects of spirituality.

With knowledge gained through intensive self-discovery and inner change, Belzebuub has been able to understand the hidden knowledge contained in many of the world’s ancient sacred teachings. He writes that there is a common spiritual teaching that leads to enlightenment/awakening. This teaching has typically been encoded or very obscure, as the writings come from ancient times with very different language and culture to today. Belzebuub’s work is presented in a simple and easy to understand way that aims to invigorate this message for the modern world.

The quotes below come from his books on the spiritual path, out-of-body experiences, and inner transformation. One book which is a collection of a number of Belzebuub’s key talks was a finalist in the 2009 USA Book News Best Books Awards in the category Spirituality, was featured on the cover of Publishers Weekly, and received a 5 star review in Foreword Magazine. Another of his books on out-of-body experiences and dreams, originally released in online course format in 2001 and taken by tens of thousands of people worldwide, became a bestseller in its genre.

Belzebuub has always provided his work for free. His work has been released through a number of websites, articles, blogs, videos, and audio. He has never received royalties from the sale of his books which are available through an independent publisher.

Throughout Belzebuub’s work, the potential for human spiritual development is emphasized. He writes that within each person is a spark of divinity. This spark is the consciousness or essence of a person, which has the ability to become aware in the present moment, but is usually passive. Through practicing awareness, this consciousness becomes active and is able to perceive the physical world clearly and then can also perceive and understand the states of the subconscious through self observation.

Belzebuub explains that with continual self-observation and help from the higher aspect of a person known as the Divine Mother, these subconscious states can be removed. As these states (egos) are reduced, the percentage of free consciousness grows. Belzebuub writes that this process is a main factor in a person walking the spiritual path and becoming united with divinity, going through the process of enlightenment, and eventually reaching the source of creation known as the Absolute.

“When you do this work seriously then the sense of intuition works to its full potential then you can intuitively capture the reality of cosmic truths and Esoteric scriptures.”

~ Belzebuub

“Self-remembrance is vital to be successful esoterically. It is only in those moments when you remember to do it that an inner work actually takes place…”

~ Belzebuub

“Life is a series of events that exists for the development of consciousness, with death the things of the world are left behind and what remains is the state of ones psyche and the consequences of one’s actions.”

~ Belzebuub

“To be fascinated with the things of the world and to forget about the development of one’s consciousness is to waste one’s life.”

~ Belzebuub

“You can bring a revolution about in yourself psychologically that can bring real change to yourself and to others, in ways that you can never imagine.”

~ Belzebuub

“True self remembrance is a waking up of consciousness.”

~ Belzebuub

“If you want to know about the path you will have to walk it. This is not a question of believing what is said, because beliefs are not based upon experience, it is experience which gives knowledge, which is gnosis.”

~ Belzebuub

“True esoteric experiences are only given to those who earn them.”

~ Belzebuub

“Belief is a tricky thing, it is different from faith, which may be surprising, but it is important to root out beliefs and to question with practice and to verify with experience; if you want to achieve true knowledge.”

~ Belzebuub

Got any quotes you’d like to share? Please leave them in the comments below.

If you like what you see, you can also visit: – Belzebuub’s official website. – more information on the work of Belzebuub.

Belzebuub and The Gnostic Movement – on the spiritual school he founded.

More Words From Belzebuub’s Works

Inner Change and Self-Knowledge

“What happens externally comes from what is within. If you change within, you bring about new circumstances.”

~ Belzebuub

“Knowing who and what we are is fundamental to bringing about lasting change.”

~ Belzebuub

“When we change, we open up new possibilities, as what is within us is different, and it is what is within us that determines what we do in life.”

~ Belzebuub

Japanese Flower

“By changing inside, we could find that new events happen in our lives which we never thought could take place. This is because inner change brings about new opportunities.”

~ Belzebuub

“If you search within you will find things that are now unimaginable, things that are terrible and things that are amazing.”

~ Belzebuub

“Something that is not seen is never truly understood, and something not truly understood cannot fundamentally be changed.”

~ Belzebuub

Wild Flowers

“Realising just how little we truly know is not only the beginning of wisdom, but it is a requirement of wisdom – the knowledge is infinite.”

~ Belzebuub

“One cannot change the whole of humanity; each individual can only change themselves and then show others how to change.”

~ Belzebuub

“Trying to stay in the present moment, in the now, without observing and understanding what is within, is like lighting a candle in the wind. “

~ Belzebuub


“Self-knowledge is a fundamental requirement for lasting peace within. That knowledge is found by searching and studying objectively within.”

~ Belzebuub

“True peace and spirituality are the result of inner study and inner change, the amount of change that we can bring about in ourselves is profound and beyond the imagination.”

~ Belzebuub


The Spiritual Path; Spirituality

“Let’s look at what we actually do, because spirituality is in what we do at any given moment: not in an idea, a hobby, or a belief which we adopt when we conveniently wish to or when we like to, but it’s in the way that we live.”

~ Belzebuub

“If we wish to harm someone, even from a religious, spiritual type point of view, someone who is opposing us, if we wish to cause them harm, then we are not being spiritual.”

~ Belzebuub

“Negativity, even though it may sometimes feel justified, is inwardly harmful and is a blockage to spiritual progress.”

~ Belzebuub


“We have to overcome the negativity within us to be able to reach to the spiritual, and therefore, to find peace, because peace, desire, negativity, are different things.”

~ Belzebuub

“It’s not actually possible to put into words what it feels to have real peace, to have the five senses transformed by the Being, by the spiritual parts within; the silence and peace of being in the moment immersed in divine perfume; the mind clear, settled, silent, stable, here and awake in immense bliss and peace.”

~ Belzebuub

“True spirituality is not something imaginary or simply wished for, but something objective that each person can discover.”

~ Belzebuub

Fire Flower

“Spirituality is for people. It’s not just for those who you might’ve read about in books, it’s for people.”

~ Belzebuub

“As people, we’ve got the means to go to the spiritual and touch it and explore it, to know what exists beyond this life, and to really see what the purpose of our life is.”

~ Belzebuub

“Spirituality is felt and experienced; its language is symbolic and intuitive.”

~ Belzebuub


Reflections on How We Live Our Lives

“By examining what it is that we truly value most in our life, we can reveal where our life is heading and where our true heart lies.”

~ Belzebuub

“Within us, we can create something which lasts forever, something which goes beyond this, goes beyond even this life.”

~ Belzebuub

“Have you ever really wondered what a fantastic gift it is to have a human body, and to have it in this time, to have it now?”

~ Belzebuub


“We are only here for a short period of time. While we are here we need to make use of it if we do not wish to regret it later.”

~ Belzebuub

“At the end of the day when our life is over, those theories are not going to be any comfort to us; if we’re facing death, a theory is useless. We have to rely upon what we have experienced of life, and it’s through this experience of life that we get knowledge about it, and that is what is important to us, in our lives—what we experience. “

~ Belzebuub

“It is necessary for us to live life with wisdom and understanding in order to face and respond well to the many situations that take place in it.”

~ Belzebuub

“Search, experiment and let your own objective experience be your guide. If you stand upon your own experience your learning will stand on a firm foundation and you will come to see that you are in the school of life.”

~ Belzebuub




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